Time to End the #Philippines Drug War on People

A ‘drug list’ that includes mayors, judges, and congressmen is not something new. It is a repeat of what happened in the Prohibition Era.
Efforts to reduce use are also futile as more people seek to explore their levels of consciousness. The state and its cronies are threatened by psychotropic substances because these substances open the minds of people to ideas, ways of doing things – ways that have long been known, used, benefited and profited from by the elite but hidden from people.

If more people started going within, there will be less consumption of the crony goods because opt to stay at home and have less interaction with the commercial world. A reduction in beer and cigarette consumption as people use psychotropics. The reduced interaction with the commercial world and emergence into a breakaway culture, therefore, has the potential of driving down state revenue from cigarettes and alcohol.

The killings that are in the TV headlines create an atmosphere of fear so that the state can present itself as the solution to the fear which the state itself created.

Murder isn’t the answer to drug use. The law can’t be used as an excuse to murder people.

Destroying an oligarch doesn’t change things. The destroyer simply becomes the new oligarch in the same old oligarchy. What changes things if the oligarchy is destroyed – and the way to do that is to use people’s initiative and exercise people’s sovereignty – and repeal all protectionist regulations / abolish all state agencies and auction them off as private franchises in a market system.

The answer to these issues is not more state intervention but more freedom.



  • 7Hyden007Toro9999.999 says:

    You don’t know who are doing the killings. The murderers can be Drug Lords, eliminating their Drug Traffickers, to prevent them from witnessing…

    Or some Drug Traffickers murdering other Drug Traffickers, for territories contention…

    I have a cousin who was murdered during the Aquino’s term, by unknown gunmen. His son became a Shabu addict. When he investigated, he found out, the Barangay Captain was selling the Shabu.

    He reported this to the Municipal Mayor. After few days, my cousin was gunned down in cold blood, inside his house…

    Shabu destroys the brain and the central nervous system. It is a very addictive recreational drug. It destroys the personality of a person…

    We don’t want to be another Mexico or Columbia. With NARCO POLITICS, ruling these countries !

    • BongV says:

      If it were true that shabu destorys the brain, then all the kids who have been prescribed with Adderall have damaged brains. The science contradicts the myth that shabu destroys the brain.

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