Drug War Spending and Drug Arrests

I was able to get a limited dataset from the Philippine Department of Budget Management (DBM) and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA).

The numbers validated that despite more spending, drug use has not abated based on the increasing number of arrests. You would think that there would be less arrests after people are put to jail, the reality paints a different picture.

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#SONA2016 – The New Cronyism, A Return to 1972

There is a need to challenge the President’s understanding of the country’s ills because a flawed perception leads to erroneous solutions. It is necessary therefore to dissect the propositions of the President and those who brief him, and come to my own conclusion.

It is not that justice had become illusory, rather state justice IS illusory. The speed of cases processed in court is due to the huge number of laws that turn peaceful non-violentย  victim-less actions into crimes.

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I Don’t Believe in Borders

I don’t believe in borders, ย countries, nationalism,and governments. These are but artificial social constructs that separate humans from one another. This illusion pits humans against one another leading to the loss of lives, limbs, properties, and freedoms.

The war mongering on both sides of the Chinese and Filipinos does not benefit anyone at all except the military industrial complex of the parties involved. In turn, the profits that are generated from the sale of weapons and ammunition will just go to the banks, all paid for by individuals.

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The #Philippines Drug War is a Phoney

Are the the alleged PNP generals linked to drug cartels really the problem?

Are the pictures of alleged drug users and drug peddlers showing up en masse the measure of success?

Are the summary executions of drug peddlers really the solution?

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New King, Same Kingmakers, Same Slavery in #Philippines

Would it matter if the country had more wars whether in the domestic or international front?

It matters –ย to the merchants of death. ย The profits from upgrading the armed forces are quite hefty not just for the merchants but also the people who will decide where to buy the weapons from.

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