The #Philippines Great Leap Forward

The Philippines is supposedly about to take a great leap forward as a self-confessed socialist takes the reins of government. The solution to improving people’s lives in the view of another Mao Zedong wannabe is introduce the death penalty for anything that doesn’t get his approval.

Then there’s the member of the Gang of Four who wants the National Irrigation Authority, a government owned quasi corporation  to provide “free irrigation” to farmers. Obviously, the incoming cabinet secretary isn’t aware that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Someone always picks up the tab for “free irrigation”. The farmers will not be paying for irrigation, but someone else will. That someone will be the non-farmers, the workers, the businesses, the women, the children, the elderly, the professionals, the employees who are already up to their neck paying permit fees, taxes, clearances, and tariffs.

This reminds me of China in the 1950s when Mao’s cadres introduced “the great leap forward” to create a socialist paradise on earth. History of course shows a different outcome – the worst catastrophe in post World War 2 China. There were 45 million Chinese who died either from hunger or beaten to death – 20 times the number of people who died in Pol Pot’s genocide. In comparison there 55 million casualties of World War 2.

The signs are unmistakable as the number of the bogeyman – the “drug lords”, summarily executed is rising. The Mao Zedong wannabe calls for death penalty as retribution. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is waking up to the futility of prohibition and is moving towards decriminalization of drugs starting with marijuana. The faux drug war in itself is a highly contentious issue given the tales coming out of the woodwork – of politicians themselves benefiting from control of drugs.

Meanwhile, the GDP per capita of Filipinos remain stagnant, unemployment remains high, cronies are still firmly in place. It’s the same highway robbery under a new figurehead, but with the same king makers calling the shots.

And like Mao’s great leap forward, expect a bloodbath in the Philippines, a trail of brutality and blood that will rival if not surpass Marcos iron hands.

Tyranny, whether by the right, center, or left – is still tyranny.

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