The #Philippines 3 Weapons of Mass Distraction

Are most Filipinos any wealthier today? 

No they are not – Filipinos GDP per capita income remain stagnant. The Filipinos remain enslaved by an oligarchy that will leave no stone upturned to ensure that Filipinos have no choice except to buy products and services from the firms owned by the oligarchy.

How come Filipinos still don’t figure it out?

Because Filipinos are subjected to a steady stream of manufactured crises that keep them in a state of panic and confusion. In other words Filipinos are exposed to weapons of mass distraction.

What is a weapon of mass distraction? 

A weapon of mass distraction is any issue or activity that can distract people’s attention from figuring out the truth about their slavery. For instance, the Romans had their circuses – and today’s humans have tell-a-lie-vision.

What are specific samples of issues that distract people from unchaining themselves from the local oligarchy?

1. China’s occupation of the Spratleys.

2. The Bogus Drug War

3. Re-imposition of the Drug Penalty.

All these issues have no direct bearing to the life of each individual Filipino in the sense that these topics don’t serve to improve their lives. When these issues are being played up in the media, Filipinos need to ask themselves “Why are they showing these? What are they not showing? What are they up to?”

On China

Blowing up the China issue, scaring people with the ill-informed narratives of the drug war, intimidating peole with the drug penalty –   directs attention away from the failure of domestic policies:

  • the continuation of the pork barrel system
  • the lack of due process
  • the theft of people’s incomes via taxation
  • the state’s continuous attempts to curtail individual freedoms
  • the rampant cronyism – and the regulations that protect cronies – at the expense of each Filipinos freedom of choice

Filipinos need to be more discerning with the China issue as they could end up as unwitting pawns in a global geopolitical chess board  called the “Pivot to Asia”.  A resurgent Asian economic powerhouse is not to the interest of the Western elite because a prosperous Asia will have:

  • the capacity to reject foreign jingoism
  • the capacity to match the technology of the West
  • the capacity to surpass the prosperity of the West.

To counter the rise of Asia, the West will sow conflict and discontent – and profit from it as well. Sales of weaponry will be paid from the taxes taken from citizens, thus making them poorer while the brokers and the arms merchants go laughing all the way to the bank.

On the “Drug War”

The drug war is another bogus issue that demonizes peaceful individuals as if all drug users are rapists and thieves. These involves the use of substances such as cannabis and crystal meth.

Shabu or methamphetamine hydrochloride is actually a treatment for ADHD or Attention Hyperdeficit Disorder (Adderall)  and is also a weight loss aid.  It is also used as a stimulant to keep people from falling asleep. A common myth is that shabu causes paranoia or kapraningan. The paranoia does not stem from the use of the drug, rather the paranoia stems from the possibility of being arrested by the state. Without the state restrictions, users of the substance will happily go on their own business. Recent studies by Hart in 2011 show that crystal meth can be taken moderately without

Another maligned substance is cannabis. More clinical studies and empirical data have established the medical benefits of marijuana as a treatment against a whole range of diseases. This is a threat to the entrenched pharmaceutical industry, the big hospitals, and PhilHealth because wider use of marijuana will lead to a decline in the profits and the need for government intervention in a person’s health care choices.

This is not an endorsement of drug use, rather it is about informing people that prohibition does not work and people will use drugs as they see fit. Prohibition only leads to the creation of organized crime cartels that have the capability to match the arms of the state – and often times the drug cartels are also elements of the state, a phenomenon known as narcopolitics. Prohibition also leads to the expansion of the prison industrial complex – a condition where cronies profit from bagging the contracts for building more jails and, ; supplying the uniforms, foods, utilities,entertainment, weapons. It also leads to more state spending on law enforcement agencies where cronies once again profit from the sales of goods and services. Decriminalizing drugs on the other hand will reduce the profits of the cronies and the livelihood of the state.

On the Death Penalty

The death penalty specially when targeted to drug traders  is nothing but ritualized murder by the state. Studies have also shown that the death penalty is not a deterrent to those who intend to commit a crime. And worse, the state has a track record of imprisoning patsies based on false and/or planted evidence.

Filipinos need to learn from the experience of decriminalization in Portugal and Colorado. Contrary to beliefs that drug use would spread, it actually declined because the novelty wore off. The drug cartels were also forced to relocate out of these states because their profits dropped when the market became free-er.

It’s quite simple – if you don’t like drugs, don’t do drugs! You don’t jail or kill others because they do not share your preferences. How would you like to be jailed or killed because you drink coffee? That doesn’t sound too pleasant right?

What are “they” trying to distract Filipinos from?

Filipinos need to focus on the things that matter  – those which affect their wallet, which affects their ability to take control of their health, education, food, shelter, entertainment without having to wait for an act of Congress or an Executive Order.

Isn’t rather amusing that the state takes away your money to pay clueless state employees on how Filipinos can increase their wealth. How about if the state stopped taking people’s incomes away; stopped interfering in people’s exercise of their right to choose? It’s a solution that does not need jail, more state spending, more fear-porn and war mongering circuses that glorify the state on the crony media.

Could it be that Filipinos are so used to being enslaved that they are not able to envision what it is like to be free? 

Isn’t it about time that Filipinos awaken and learn to be secure and comfortable in their freedom instead of dazed and confused sheep being led to the slaughterhouse by the predator elite?


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