Politics is Theater

Politics is theater to mask the violent exploitation of people.

It doesn’t matter whether the politician is crowned in the forest or the city. Or that the politician fasted, ate plantains or splurged during the “inauguration”.

What matters is whether people’s lives have improved or not.
* Do people have more job options? Or are their job options limited to government’s protected cronies only?
* Have people’s incomes increased or have their incomes decreased in order to pay for the increase in government revenue?
* Are people’s incomes protected from legalized plunder?
* Are people free to pursue their personal happiness?
* Are people free to decide from who they can purchase goods and services instead of being coerced by government to choose cronies protected products only?

If the answer to these questions is a resounding NO, then people better wake up.

Elections only changed the actors, but people are still in the same theater, sitting and watching the show. People remain a passive audience.

In other words – POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT IS BULLSHIT AND PLAIN POSTURING – and doesn’t help people at all.

The answer is to get out of the theater.

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