New King, Same Kingmakers, Same Slavery in #Philippines

Would it matter if the country had more wars whether in the domestic or international front?

It matters – to the merchants of death.  The profits from upgrading the armed forces are quite hefty not just for the merchants but also the people who will decide where to buy the weapons from.

Would it matter if all the people who sold drugs were killed?

It matters – to the biggest organized crime syndicate, the government. It provides a justification for more funds to pay off bounty hunters. It provides justification to provide law enforcement with more money for personnel, weapons, and office supplies. It provides “news” for media outfits – and the advertising revenue from sensationalized stories.

Would it matter if the jails were upgraded?

It matters – to the contractors who will be awarded the upgrading projects, the suppliers who will provide the beds, mattresses, food, office supplies, utilities.

Would it matter if everyone united under tyranny?

It matters – to the tyrants who will be ordering people how to run their lives. The intoxication and addiction to being an all powerful being who has the power of life and death over others and unanswerable to anybody.

Meanwhile, the slaves have to be content with the same old lousy jobs and services they are privileged to receive from their masters.

Never mind that the slaves are paying for the helicopters, bullets, guns, and bombs that will shred their limbs apart.

Or that the slaves are paying for upgrading of jails that will become their prison.

Or that the slaves miserable lives are the source of movies and TV shows streaming on the idiot box. Or that the slaves are buying products that destroy their health, their families, and their lives.

Or that the slaves source of joy is a pat on their back for being obedient and submissive sheep – being led to the slaughterhouse paid for by the blood of slaves.

Yes, it’s a new regime.

And yes, it’s the same old smoke and mirrors.

A more brutal and savage Noynoy put in power by the same kingmakers that control the media, energy, food of the same old slaves.

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  • davmil says:

    Government(s) must always have a ‘boogie-man’ of some sort to help justify intervention & excess taxation supporting the military & arms merchants.

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