If You Have Evidence, File and Prove Your Charges

These exposes of drug lords and users are at best hearsay. Any schmuck can make a claim that someone is using drugs or not. However, the burden of proof lies on the accuser to prove the charges in a court of law.

You want people to follow the law but you are the one who is breaking it – isn’t that quite a load of hypocrisy?

To say that it takes such a long time to secure a warrant IS NOT AN EXCUSE for committing murder.

By stating that it will take tremendous resources in order to secure warrants and file charges in court, plus the massive congestion in jail is an admission that there is a need to rethink the current approach to the Philippines drug war.

Killing drug sellers and consumers is not unique to the Philippines. It is an approach that has already been tried in South America many times over.

In fact, the United States and its alphabet soup agencies have made a living of the drug war campaign. Weaponry, personnel, officer training and what not have flooded South America for decades. And what has America got to show for it – just a trail of dead bodies, a bunch of drug lords who are replaced as soon as they are taken off the streets.

Meanwhile, Portugal which has taken another approach has been successful in reducing drug addiction after decriminalizing drug use and treating it as a health issue.

To state that the Philippines will succeed where others have failed is the height of hubris.

People should really scrutinize the facts.

Despite the “iron fist” policy in Davao City, drug use was never eliminated and has in fact increased. Just review the headlines of bigger volumes of shabu being caught. If the anti-drugs approach of Davao was really successful, there shouldn’t even be any news of drug busts at all, much less millions of pesos worth of cocaine being stored in the customs warehouse of Davao City.

It is time to end the drug war. It’s that simple!


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