#Filipinos Master the Art of Uselessness

New regime with the same old faces and same old scripts – and same old Filipinos expect new outcomes. What else is new?

What use are peace talks with the CPP/NPA really when the same tyrannical economic regulations are in place?

It just maintains the breeding ground that will drive the ignorant discontented masses into the folds of violent socialist. Which in turn helps government justifies taking more of your income away to pay for modernization of the state’s mercenaries and thugs. In the process, the blood of the innocents are spilled as the weapons makers sell their death devices to both sides of the “conflict”. The bankers of course, end up with the money after the death merchants deposit their profits in the banks.

Will Filipino migrants have better paying jobs at home if there are successful peace talks with Joma’s cabal when the same tyrannical economic regulations are in place?

The answer is a flat out NO.

Unless the existing nationalist protectionist regulations are eliminated, expect the same oligopolies to prevail. The companies owned by the families of Ayala, Zobel, Pangilinan, Lucio Tan, Gokongwei, etc – and their economic hitmen/lobbyists will continue to dominate the market and the revolving door policy will ensure that the corporate recruits who will be appointed into government positions maintain the economic status quo.

Appointing the defender of Napoles does not eliminate taxation at all. Or appointing the CEO of a real estate conglomerate does not increase home ownership. Nor does having a tick create blood for the host.

What use does appointing a new anti-poverty commissioner when the same tyrannical economic regulations are in place?

It’s another chihuahua to kiss the master’s hand or sniff the master’s butt or maybe sit and roll over. Looks cute, but doesn’t do anything at all. If anything, expect a government agency to take more money away from productive people – thereby reducing their wealth and increasing their poverty. Then the bureaucrat will be transferring or redistributing the stolen money to their master’s political base of welfare zombies while keeping some of the stolen money for “administrative costs” and claim that poverty has been reduced.

What use is a flawed anti-drug war policy when the same tyrannical economic regulations are in place?

Just like the Americans, Filipinos have not learned the lesson of America’s alcohol prohibition in the 1920s. Alcohol did not increase crime. Rather, prohibition increased crime as tyrannical laws turned otherwise peaceful people into “criminals”. Imagine if all coffee drinkers or latte drinkers were suddenly declared as “criminals”, that’s going to be a huge increase in the crime rate. The point being the modus operandi is to declare as “criminal” an otherwise peaceful act.

The same thing applies to the so-called “drug war”.  In this instance, people who peacefully smoke narcotics, stimulants and what not are labelled as “criminals”. Of course, that’s going to cause an increase in the crime rate because where there was zero crime prior to enacting the prohibition, there are now easily thousands of “criminals” – quite an increase.

Who benefits from all these? That would be the politician who can now justify the need for his presence to “protect” people against the drug menace; the state’s armed thugs who call themselves “law enforcers” – and will now receive more tax money (aka money taken from people without their consent); the prison bureaucrats who now have to keep the “criminals” in jail; – and the cabal of suppliers who benefit from construction of new facilities, supplies of beds, medicine, food, clothing, electricity, water, phones, and arms.

When more drug users and sellers are apprehended or murdered, will “crime” be eliminated?

No it will not because the biggest criminal syndicate – the government – just becomes bigger and spends more money to “prevent crime”. What Filipinos fail to grasp is that sending people to jail is plain and simple abduction; death penalty is murder; and, taxation is theft. Just because the crime was committed by someone with a badge called – government, the act does not cease to be crime.

Will banning the importation of rice improve the lot of rice farmers?

No it will not. The increased income of rice farmers due to an increase in price caused by artificial scarcity will mean that the government will tax more of their income. The increased revenue of farmers therefore does not translate to an improvement in their lives as government simply takes more from them. When the government supports the farmers demands to ban importation – it is not because that government cares for the farmers. What government sees is an increase in tax collection from rice farmers, more salaries for people who will be paid to enforce the ban on importation of rice.

Rice farmers complain that the competition is subsidized and therefore they can’t compete. Perhaps rice farmers need to see that the products they use for planting, pesticides and fertilizers which help improve their yield are also imported. And like any imported product, these commodities are taxed and importation fees levied as well, by government.

Instead of calling for a ban on importation, rice farmers are better served by demanding the elimination of taxes and importation fees on their inputs and produce.

The consumers and rice customers get the raw end of the deal because they now have to pay more for the same amount of rice and have less money to pay for other necessities like health, education, and shelter. For short, the rice consumers end up with their money being taken by the government so that government can increase its revenue – from both consumers and rice farmers.

In other words, Filipinos, rice farmers and rice buyers  are being conned repeatedly by their government, nadenggoy na naman ng gobyerno ang mga pinoy!

What then is the solution?

The elephant in the room is a free and open economy. One that is free from government intervention, taxation, and regulation. Only people exchanging goods and services freely and voluntarily in a free market have the capacity to create jobs that reduce poverty, not government.

Prosperous and knowledgeable farmers and citizens can’t be recruited into a violent socialist party of thieves and murderers. Nor will they need government assistance and protection as they will have the means to fend for themselves and defend themselves too.

Government does not plant rice, it taxes rice. Government does not build roads, it hires contractors. Government does not create peace, it foments violence and war. Collecting taxes, filing endless forms, arresting people does not create value nor produce anything but long lines and congested jails.

What if all the Filipinos who produce goods and services ended up in jail or dead in a dark cliff somewhere – who will be paying for the salaries of these government parasites – NOBODY!

Until such time Filipinos understand the lessons of history, they are doomed to repeating the mistakes of history and paying for it dearly with their pockets, if not their lives.

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