Coercion vs Persuasion and the Drug War

The spike of killings in the Philippines says a lot on the idea of a drug war – it sucks real bad.

People take drugs for various reasons.

  • To relax.
  • To experiment with their consciousness.
  • To cope with stress.
  • To increase stamina.
  • To remove shyness.
  • To expand awareness.

Anything taken to excess yields undesirable results – whether it is drugs, water, food, or oxygen. Take too much water and you drown. Take too much drugs and you can damage your health.

The key lies in moderation. And human beings have different physiological thresholds. What’s too high for one, maybe too little for another. What’s clear however is that individuals have the ability to set their own limits commensurate to what their bodies and minds can handle.

And it is for this reason that the decision to use drugs should be left to individuals – and not to the state.

If you don’t like drugs, then don’t use it.

However, do not kill other people who prefer to use it instead of using the alcohol and cigarettes made by government cronies.



  • 12Hyden007Toro999.999 says:

    Shabu Drugs are recreational drugs. These are dangerous drugs; it is easy to hook you with this drug.

    You don’t persuade a Drug Lord to stop selling Shabu Drug. He will blow your head off, and continue selling the Shabu drug…

    • BongV says:

      The violent drug lord is a myth. Drugs are just like any other commodity, if there is a demand, then the supply will be met. Blaming the drug retailer is like blaming the bartender for your alcoholism.

      Shabu is a “dangerous” drug to the controllers behind the state as shabu expands the consciousness of people – where they then see through illusion of state control, and start questioning state intervention in their lives – and the existential need for a state.

      It is also “dangerous” to the state’s cronies, because people will no longer patronize the “entertainment” provided by the state to its minions – and the drug user instead opts out of the the matrix “entertainment” system and pursues to expand their consciousness – increasing the capacity of their brain to absorb and process information which the state tries to hide.

      Experiments in laboratories give excessive dosage to lab rats then claim that shabu is “dangerous”. These experiments are flawed because they fail to take in consideration that humans have the ability to moderate their intake so as not to be adversely affected by excessive dosage.

  • ricelander says:

    In the end, drugs will most likely be legalized, but not yet because society in general still prefers these banned. Governments will be had put to go against public opinion. Anyone who goes out openly now about legalization will most probably be ostracized by the people. Except for marijuana, there still remains a strong resistance even in the more liberal West.

    This brutal war is perhaps necessary to show that this war could not be won. Not by the rule of law; neither by the law of the jungle. The previous regimes, playing by the rules of due process, could only watch helplessly but they knew the industry was growing by leaps and bounds. The current government wants a stop and now engaged in a ferocious battle against the industry, to hell with due process. As the war progresses, there will be more shocking discoveries to reveal the extent in which the problem has crept into every nook and cranny. Until Duterte himself discovers it’s actually a Gordian knot.

    And so the industry will thrive. The old organizations will undergo massive reorg, the old guards replaced by younger, more cunning next generation of overlords. Distribution helped by technology will develop more sophistication . Price of the product will rise to find its new equilibrium.

    • BongV says:

      Hi Ricelander,

      The old guards keep on harping about the drug epidemic..
      They are missing the point – it’s not an epidemic – it’s acceptance that the harm of drugs has been overhyped and that people can actually use drugs and still lead “normal” lives – as in be productive and peaceful individuals.

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